Gossip…. Can mean different things to different people. Good or bad its still means the same things. Sometimes gossip can be good depending on how you use it. It seems like the world we live in loves the bad. Well me personally I like them both.

Why is it that everybody cares what others think of them. I use to be one of them now I have a polite way responding to those who have an opinion about me. It’s called “I don’t give a flying f***what you think about me or mines. I am doing me regardless of what you think I should or should not do. The fact that you have the time to pay close attention to what I’m doing, show the lack of you paying attention to your self.

People in this world have to understand that not everybody is going to like you and believe me it’s OK. Some times people have to realize that you can’t please everybody. So with that being said I’m doing me an being the best me I can.

Having 3 boys and realizing that nothing else matters but what they think of me. So I work hard to show them I AM a strong black women and I’m working hard to get somewhere in life and only can hope that they follow my lead!!